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Raju Chacha Plot

Rishi Kapoor troubled by three kids. Kajol comes as a governess to look after them. Ajay Devgan and Johny Lever are thieves who have their eyes on Rishi Kapoor's wealth. They think that Kajol is related to Rishi Kapoor. He persues her and makes her fall in love with her, but he too falls for her. He later comes to know that Kajol is not related to Rishi Kapoor, but he still loves her and is willing to marry her. Ajay is exposed just before the wedding. Govind Namdeo and Pramod Moutho are maternal Uncle of Rishi's wife and they too have their eyes set on the wealth. They manage to kill Rishi Kapoor in a accident and occupy the house. Ajay posses as Rishi Kapoor's young brother who had left the house years ago.


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