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Rakhtbeej Plot

Rakhtbeej is a movie in which the story is of two men, who have come from two different generations. It is shown that even though their worlds are dissimilar from each other, their lives keep interconnecting with each other.

Abhay Jatav whose beginning is very humble is seen ending up as one of the most dreaded dacoit in Uttar Pradesh.

Ajay too is from humble beginnings, but at a very young age he becomes the Chief Executive Officer of Dabral Group of Industries.
Abhay knows Sarita from a long time, and Sarita has fallen in love with Abhay. Abhay too likes her but things take turn when a simple village girl named Poonam enters into the life of Ahbay. Due to this Abhay completely forgets about Sarita.

On the other hand, Sanjana, who is the daughter of Dabral, has fallen in love with Ajay from a long time. Here again when supermodel named Priya enters into the life of Ajay, he is blinded by her love and forgets Sanjana.
Abhay goes out of his way to assist Maya Singh so that he could win the elections of village. But later on Maya Singh backstabs Abhay. Thus Abhay looses his friends and also those who were dear to him and in this way we see that his destiny had changed forever. Ajay used to trust Dharam, even though he was his rival in business and love, but Dharam too backstabs Ajay.
On one hand, Abhay becomes a victim of Politics, Police and Dacoits, whereas on the other hand Ajay becomes the victim of business rivalry. Even though these two men are from different generations, their lives resemble very much to each others life. Just similar to Abhay, Ajay also has to select between his friends, love, relationships and goal. Is Ajay connected to Abhay? Would he ever come to know this? Just because their lives are alike, would they meet with a similar destiny?


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