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Ramaiya Vastavaiya Plot

Ram - An easy-going only son of a billionaire Australian-businessman couple, who loves to woo girls.

Sona - A simple and timid village-girl, who has immense respect towards her elder brother.

Raghuveer - A protective brother of Sona, who brings up Sona with great care after the death of mother.

Siddharth - A fun-loving father of Ram, but with ego of his wealth. Also, a henpecked husband.

Ashvini - A dominating wife of Siddharth and Ram's mother, who hates poor people to an extreme.

Happy-go-lucky Ram (Girish Kumar) arrives in India with his parents Siddharth (Randhir Kapoor) and Ashvini (Poonam Dhillon) for attending a wedding of his cousin, Ria (Aanchal Singh). Sona (Shruti Haasan) come to attend the same wedding as bride's friend. Ram and Sona get introduced to each other through a common thread called Ria. Gradually, they start falling in love with each other. When Ram's mother comes to know about this relationship, she gets furious, as Sona hails from a poor farmer family living in a small village along with her brother Raghuveer (Sonu Sood). Being irritated, she humiliates Sona and tells her to return to her village. Sona returns to village along with her brother Raghuveer. Afterwards, Ram comes to know about the entire issue and plans to go to Sona's village to ask for her hand to her brother.


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