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Rang Rasiya Plot

There was a time in India which witnessed the end of the 19th century. Many events, bad and good, took place. One of the events was the arrest of famous artist Raja Ravi Varma who was charged with obscenity, for exploitation, for wickedness and for hurting religious feelings of the people. The offence he made was to paint nudes photos of Indian mythological characters. A court procedure takes place …

This film is thus woven with the case is the typical love story of that painter and his muse whose name was Sugandha. Both of them created together the most astonishing works of art. The beauty of Sugandha inspired him to create beautiful paintings which were based on themes from Indian mythology and typical literature. She became his muse and his motivation and above all she became his love. In this way we see that the movie Rang Rasiya is an enthralling story of the passion of Raja Ravi, and his fascination and his violent resistance for creative freedom.


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