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Rangoon Plot

Julia (Kangana Ranaut) is a heartthrob actress of the 1940s, brought to stardom by her Producer and would be husband Russi Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan). Russi has bought Julia for 1000 bucks when she was a young girl and has divorced his wife for her love. Russi promises British General Hardings (Richard McCabe) that Julia will perform and entertain the soldiers of his army. Hence, she is set out with her troupe.

Julia and her troupe are attacked by the Japanese army and, she is left alone with Jamadar Nawab Mallik (Shahid Kapoor), who has been assigned the duty of her security, in the middle of a jungle. Love blossoms between the two but they soon have to part ways as they reach the Indian borders. Julia reunites with Russi and the British army. Amidst the dance and celebration, Jamadar Nawab Mallik is on a secret mission.


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