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Ready Plot

Prem (Salman Khan) is the successor to the corporation 'Frangnance' perfumes which is possessed by the Bhandari Brother's .Gautam, Rishi and Rajveer. The eldest, Gautam has no problem. Rishi has married off his one and only daughter and Prem is Rajveer's one and only son....thus Prem is the only inheritor to the company....

Prem who is up to now a single desires to get pleasure from life prior to getting married but his father does not approve it.. it's Gautam and Rishi....who agree with Prem and care for Prem as their own son.

Sanjanna (Asin) who is an orphan comes to India from abroad to be with her maternal uncles....Narendra and Tulsi and both of them are gluttonous and crave to swallow down their niece's assets, which Sanjana had inherited. Prem who falls in love for Sanjana makes a decision to teach her maternal uncles a lesson.

Both the maternal uncles who are confirmed foes wishes for Sanjana to get married to their own brother in laws, so that they could acquire Sanjana's wealth....but Prem makes a con of them by becoming gracious with them and then bringing his complete family posing them as billionaires, and entraps them getting the maternal uncles' brother in laws being married to his house maids.

For the sake of his son's love Rajveer too pretences as a bank boss and threatening the maternal uncles that the day Sanjana's mother father met death, her mother father owed the bank, billions of dollars....either they put up their property for sale or refuse to acknowledge the girl.

To get free from Sanjana they entrap that once he gets married to's would be Prem who would need to pay off the debts....but on the day of the wedding Prem's plan gets revealed and both the maternal uncles and brother in laws now want to take revenge….


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