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Rivaaz Plot

Prostitution exists in many districts of this country and many families are involved in this flesh business. It is really a sad thing to know that the Law and Order System of this country, does not consider this as a serious issue.
The system which began as a community practice (रिवाज ) some centuries ago is at present being operated as a money-making business within the knowledge of the lawmakers and the police.
Rivaaz (रिवाज), which means custom, is a movie which is against exploitation; which is a film about self respect, which is a film about hope of women who are forced into this flesh trade in the name of tradition.
The story of this film is set in one such village where this custom is a contempt and mockery to the Indian Freedom. Those who dared to challenge the customs and tradition and wanted to marry and settle down without agreeing to listen to the tradition and without getting engaged in prostitution, were tortured and killed brutally so that other could not dare to break the so called tradition.
The family of the film Rivaaz comprises of mother Deepti Naval and daughters Ritisha Vijayvargiya, Meghna Naidu and Sadhika Randhawa and the violence committed on the women by the men.
Ritisha who plays the role of Bela takes courage to fall in love. Eventually, she has to face the fury of her dad, the local police and all her relatives and people who were supporting the tradition. People were waiting to pimp off her, and the main fact was that people who were rich were waiting for her to get into adult age group that means they were waiting her to cross her 17th year and get into 18th year so that he could put a price to her body! Her mom has also buried her dreams once after her love is murdered brutally by the villagers. Would this cruel tradition and custom repeat itself?
Through the tears of this family, the movie showcases the tears of the many other girls who are forcibly thrown in the web of tradition, rigid custom and who are helpless and who can not escape from the clutches of their villagers and own people.
The director of this movie is Ashok Nanda who is an NRI, and who has made this motion picture with no efforts left just to bring it to the perception of his fellow countrymen. He is, however, not the one to admit defeat. The director goes on to take the cinematic freedom of taking a tremendous step to demonstrate that where there would be no man compelling women into prostitution, there would be no act of violence on women!
This is a hard-hitting film with astonishing performances by the actors. Not only Deepti Naval but also the other cast who are new such as Meghna Naidu etc. are amazingly in a commendable histrionic avatar sans make-up, Rivaaz (Tradition- रिवाज) is like a slap on the face of all Indians who feel safe and protected in their own houses.
Even in the present time, in most of the villages, there are many women in the form of mother, sister and daughter, who are compelled to enter into prostitution to help their men folk live a life of lavishness. In the places where they can hardly find any girl, they purchase them from poor families from other districts of this country. Firstly they are adopted as their daughters and later on when they grow up they are forced into prostitution. The pimps are none other than their own fathers and brothers.
It is really a shocking truth but bitter truth! To know more, watch the film Rivaaz and see what you can do to make a difference...


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