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Road, Movie Plot

So here is Vishnu, played by Abhay Deol. He is a kind of very restless young man, he is not interested in accompanying his father in his uncertain hair oil business and plans to escape from it one day.

On his journey he gets an old truck, to which Vishnu sees as his ticket to freedom he takes it as a signal from his destiny. He recommends that this antique Chevy can be sold in a good price in any local museum that may come in their way. While his travel besides the seas and across the harsh territory of desert India, he finds out that this truck is not just a beaten up vehicle but actually is an old on the tour cinema.

Along his way, Vishnu meets a young escapee, Mohammed Faizal Usmani; a traveling old entertainer, played by, Satish Kaushik and a outstanding gypsy woman, played by Tannishtha Chatterjee - Brick Lane. While their travel, together they explore the long deserts in search for water and an elusive fair. But not anymore smooth the journey starts turning horrible when they are approached by corrupt cops and a notorious water lord.

The only way to set themselves free is their eccentric collection of films and the two forty-year-old film projectors that is in the back of the truck. And that is what exactly their freedom depends on. If the films are good they are safe but if the film turns out to be boring they have to face death. As this is how their 1001 Nights can go safe.

The journey keeps proving transformative for each of the travelers, but other than everyone Vishnu who life, love and laughter on the his journey on the Indian highway.


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