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Road To Sangam Plot

It is a simple story of a devout Muslim mechanic named Hashmat Ullah, played by Paresh Rawal, he fears God. He has been hand over by the job of repairing engine of an old V8 ford. This motor has a historic significance, as it once carried the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi which were immersed in the holy river 'Sangam'. He did not knew it. But suddenly his life fells into a well when he gets trapped in a complex situation. A powerful bomb explosion hits his town and as always happens this stereotyping of our society that leads to the arrest of innocent Muslim youths of his neighborhood. Now the work starts by the prominent Leaders played by Om Puri and Pavan Mallhotra, that influences other Muslims of his community to protest against the injustice that has happened to those arrested youths by the police. So let's discover what he will choose from. Is he going to support the protest and ditch the repair of the engine that once carried ashes of a great man or is he going to go against the desires of his community? This is how his journey begins. It is a journey of Gandhian values and principles influencing to walk on the path of patriotism. This journey is named as "Road to Sangam".


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