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Rockford Plot

Rajesh Naidu arrives at Rockford Boy's High School, fresh faced, naive and all of 13 years having left home for the first time, eager to experience his new life. Rajesh best friends Selva, a happy-go-lucky kid, and David, an arrogant sports hero with a heart of gold. With them, he experiences the joy and agony of living in an all male boarding school where one has to learn to fend for oneself without the safety net of ones parents. The world is encompassed through the eyes of 13 year old using humour as a tool to deal with the joys, the fears, the awakening of sexuality and the inevitable stamp of British colonization in India. From pranks in the classroom to adolescent infatuation and a first kiss , the story chronicles his passage from an unsure tentative boy to finding his own place in the world.


Box Office Collection

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