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Rockstar Plot

Janardan is a young man who was born and brought up in the very middle class locality which was in Delhi named as Pitampura. His dream was very big..much bigger than anything for him and that dream was to become a rockstar! He wanted to become a rockstar like Jim Morrison! But what he gets in return from his unenthusiastic audience is what many other aspirants get- mockery and disgrace. He is at the end of his wit when he feels that all musical stars, all artists in fact, were related with one common thing. And that thing was nothing other than tragedy. All musicians have tragic lives.

All of them have suffered throbbing heartbreaks to become what they are. But unfortunately, there is no ache in the life of Janardan - it is an retreat of concord. Until and unless he does something which could be radical, he would never be a rockstar. Heer Kaul is the undoubted diva of the college campus - gorgeous, brilliant, haughty, wealthy andunavailable. Heer Kaul has broken so many hearts. . Janardan had the hope that she would break even his heart.

So he sets out to persuade her with the only object of getting his heart broken. Rock star is the expedition of a boy - who leaves at the rear Janardan so that he can become Jordan; who passes through the highs and lows of life - from straightforward naiveté to tormented soul, from the happiness of unaltered friendship to the anguish of unanswered love, from the university grounds in Delhi to the international juncture... Rock Star in the end gets all that his heart has ever wished...but in the procedure shatters / loses his heart forever...


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