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Saajan Plot

Aman a handicapped orphan is adopted by a wealthy builder Rajiv Raj whose only son Aakash is the best friend of Aman. Both Aakash and Aman grow up as brothers to become different personalities, but both end up falling in love with the same girl Pooja. Pooja loves Sagar, who is a poet. Sagar is none other than Aman. Akash is a casanova, but when he meets Pooja, he falls in love with her. In the meantime, Aman also gets to know of Pooja and Aman also starts liking Pooja. But when Aman comes to know that Akash likes Pooja and wants to marry her, he sacrfices his love for Akash. He convinces Akash to pretend that he is Sagar to win over Pooja. Pooja starts liking Akash and all is well, until Pooja gets to know the reality.


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