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Sadda Adda Plot

The one and only object that can prevent you from rewarding your dreams is none other than 'you" Many people dream for many things, but very few of them have the guts to put confidence in themselves.

Most of the people lose center of attention and give up. Most people are mostly scared to believe in their own dreams. People who believe in themselves are the real winners. This piece of life the motion picture is set in the background of the capital city of India which is none other than - Delhi. A metropolis which attracts in lakhs of unemployed people from North India who reach there in search of opportunities which were never available in their native villages or their own home towns. Like-wise, 6 youth from diverse states reach together to Delhi so that they could share a 2 bed room hall kitchen flat in a middle-class colony, which they would affectionately, say "Sadda Adda".

This motion picture is the story of these six boys. It is about how these 6 unmarried young people who are totally from different backgrounds and who possess different personalities, stay together. Their flat "Sadda Adda" is a total clutter with cigarette butts, empty beer bottles, clothes unwashed, mattresses tossed all over the floor etcetra –despite all these diversities,  they cook food together, clean, buy groceries together, pay rent, cry, laugh, fight over unimportant issues and always stand up for each other - like a family. "Sadda Adda" which started as a halfway accommodation to assist them to work towards achieving their dreams, becomes their home. 

This movie takes you through a journey of their friendship and self-belief. The stories which are interwoven, out of these six characters take you through a gratifying trip of the lives of these young people. This film is about true characters from real world who have fun, who fight the wave everyday and through very light heart moments encourage you in the most modest method. The crests and troughs that transform these six guys into the matured men they would become in the future - because Boys would not always be boys.


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