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Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande Plot

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande is the tale of a group which contains 4 friends.. Parvin Dabas as Rajbir, Vansh Bharadwaj as Sexy, Ashish Nayyar as Ambani and Kuldip Ruhil as Doctor who are given a task which would provide them sufficient money to turn all their dreams come true, but to attain the same they would have to go in opposition to their sense of right and wrong and the village, Kanjhawla, to which they were belonging.

Provoking them on to make this task victorious is their chief, Sharat Saxena as Fauji, who stands to put on the most from the success of their task and realize his dreams of becoming a politician.On the way to carrying out this operation they come across a huge number of crazy characters which includes some wrestlers  and their guru, and a bunch of smart ass kids, a powerful Chief Minister ( played by Kiron Joneja Sippy), a Scheming Businessman ( played by Anupam Kher),the Leader of the villagers ( played by Yashpal Sharma), an angry Aunt (played by Neena Kulkarni), a college going Athlete (Udit Khurana) and a photographer Girlfriend (Tena Desae) who wants to move on with her life, while dealing with a boss who desires them to break his rivals legs and make mobile videos of it for proof!

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande is a thrilling and enjoyable movie by Pravin Dabas which is mixed together with action, comedy and sincere emotion which hurtles along against scenery of both rural and urban India while blustering of some unique and exceptional camerawork and a superb soundtrack. It has been penned by the debutant director, whose name is Parvin Dabas, who puts his personal unique up to date spin on a present-day and original Indian story.


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