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Sahib Bahadur Plot

Prem Pratap's drama company soon the rumours spreads that Prem is a CBI officer and is on a secret assignment to pull up the local corrupt officials as well as local hoodlums and hand them over to the law. Prem is surprised and takes his new status for granted. The local officials host a grand party in the so called CBI officer's honour. At this party, Prem meets the girl of his dreams - Meena, niece of one of the officials. He proposes to her and she accepts. The local hoodlums kidnap Meena before her wedding with Prem so that demands and plans are fulfilled. Prem threatens action against the officails if Meena is not found within 24 hours. Before 24 hours elapse, someone spills the beans that Prem is an imposter.


Box Office Collection

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