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Saudagar Plot

Moti, a tall and fair youth, was the most skilled tapper in the village. During the winter months when he passed with pots full of date palm sap to the hut of Maju Bibi, a young widow who prepared `gur' for him, the village belles could not turn their eyes from him. Moti was still a bachelor. Not that he did not want a pretty young girl for his wife, but he could not manage the `meher' the fathers of pretty grown-up girls usually asked for. As he came out annoyed, he met Phoolbanu who threw a challenge. If Moti really liked her, he should show his spirit. Moti accepted the challenge and asked her to wait till the end of the winter season and she promised. One evening he proposed to Maju. She could not see through his plan. Moti married her. But Moti hardly listened to what she said. He married Phoolbanu and brought her home. Market day followed market day and Moti would sit with his `gur' unsold in his basket. His young wife went away to her father's place,on the way, as Phoolbanu crossed the river carrying a small bundle, she noticed Moti coming with two pots of sap. For a moment her face brightened up with hope but she was shocked as Moti turned towards Maju's new house. She followed him.


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