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Shagird Plot

This grainy police drama takes place in the metropolis of Delhi in the lives of 2 Delhi Crime Branch officers, Hanumant Singh (Nana Patekar) expert officers, whose strategies and principles are more than a little bit open to discussion; guide Mohit (Mohit Ahlawat) a fresh subordinate officer who has his own ethics. Hanumant Singh & Bunty Bhaiya (Anurag Kashyap) work for big political leader Rajmani Singh (Zakir Hussain), who dominates the state with extreme unfair means.

As the tale open out, it becomes more and more clear the links and connections between the various characters of the film. The movie also stars Rimmi Sen who gets mixed up in an extremely high drama kidnap by a few global terrorist blackmailing for the discharge of two of their associates, leading to Twists and Turns in the tale with everyone prepared to take life for wealth.

Shagird is a sweltering action play that questions the spectators to make a decision what is essential, what is gallant and what crosses the line in the upsetting gray region of Law, crime & politics. Who does what, who wears a masquerade and who comes out as a champion is a suspense which is hard to anticipate and predict.


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