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Shaitan Plot

Rajeev Khandelwal: Inspector Arvind Mathur

Arvind Mathur is an Inspector who is sincere, honest and upright police inspector and who also has specialization in abduction and kidnapping cases. Fairly, over and over again, the sincerity of Arvind Mathur towards his job and the anguish within has got the superior of him, at work as well as at his house. He tries to find to do his task as truthfully as he could, in spite of repeated forewarning from his senior. Arvind Mathur, a seasoned veteran in complicated, high-profile cases, has been until that time suspended for his clumsy (though victorious) big business with people and structures that his sense of right and wrong does not have the same opinion with.

Kalki Koechlin: Amrita Jayshankar aka Amy

She is beautiful, hostile teenage daughter of a wealthy NRI. Amy has now come back to India with her daddy and stepmother. The death of her mother at an early age had left Amy unconfident and made her to live like a lone person. Amy chooses to live life in her personal world and takes shelter in her music and the memories of her mother.

Shiv Pandit: Dushyant Sahu aka Dash
He retired at twenty three; he lives life on his personal terms and conditions- he has no family; he has no relatives; he does not have any history also. This tough man sells dope for survival and lives on a far above the ground of the 'powder'. A dappled history that comprises underworld connections; he had been there and had performed the act. Hardly ever embarrassed, his cold approach and undomesticated tattoos make him the attraction on the life of Amy.

Gulshan Devaiya: Karan Chaudhary aka KC

Karan Chaudhary aka KC has the funds, he has the method and he has the ladies. Life is single full-size party for this dude. 'Fun' is his focal point name - booze, sex and drugs regulate his life. An unusual wisdom of humor and a displeasure, which inclines to go further than control. Karan Chaudhary is the man who makes sure that the party never finishes.

Kirti Kulhari: Tanya Sharma

Tanya - attractive & small. Tanya desires to become a supermodel. Or really she wants that? In fact, her sister desires her to become a supermodel. To function her means, through plentiful unknown ads, Tanya desires to break free. She has faith in love and is in love with Karan Chaudhary. While she is conscious of Zubin's top secret mash on her, she wants Karan Chaudhary as the person in her life. Her prickly tongue and solid manner hides the sugary, blameless girl inside.


'If you are not living on the border you are intriguing up too much space 'the mantra that describes the adolescence of today. However what comes about when the rim gives away.

Shaitan is the tale of five youngsters set in the city cape of Mumbai. Amy, Dash, Karan Chaudhary, Zubin and Tanya. Young, genius, beautiful and gorgeous and 'uber cool'. With no hang ups and no limits, thrill is what they look for till a 'moment' turns the whole thing. A mishap and their performance to wrap up show the way them from beginning to end a chain of events across the roads, avenues and by lanes of Mumbai and into the shady side, they loiter inside all of us - The Shaitan.

Inspector Mathur hands over with the undesirable job of chasing the young people down represents the underbelly of the Police organization and crime while struggling with his internal Shaitan. The convergence of the 2 sides carries across the final blast of action drama and excitement on Indian screens that are unsurpassed explained as genuine and uncooked.


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