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Shakal Pe Mat Ja Plot

Shakal Pe Mat Ja (SPMJ) is a story of four young men. On a high alert day in Delhi, they are caught up as suspects at the Delhi international airport. While they were attempting to capture an American Airlines aircraft landing on their camera, they get caught due to their suspenseful body languages and gestures and above all, due to their looks. However, they give clarification for their act and they say that they were shooting the landing of the aircraft for their documentary film which they were making.
But no one is ready to pay any heed to their clarification and no one is ready to believe them and thus they do not get positive response from the officials. The investigative officials take them to the interrogation room of the International airport for further interrogation and there they are questioned and interrogated by the CISF.
The reason they are caught is that by their looks they appear like terrorists. So even if they are simple people, they keep falling into wild problems, as their hold up does not turn up in the manner anyone could have expected. After all, appearances are misleading. Whatever they speak or they have in possession or even whatever they do, such things lead them to additional problems. Whether it is the doubtful footage of these people present at Rashtriya pati bhawan, or the Arabic and Pakistani Porn which they get from the bag of Rohan; whether it is the device that look like bomb in the bag of Dhruv for which he clarifies that it was with him as his physics project or the fact that the 27 year old Bulai who looks alike a most wanted criminal and does not possess any identity card or even a mobile phone. At the same time the Intelligence get some reports that a group of terrorists were making plans to attack some parts of their area. Do these four young boys are in any way involved with any group of terrorists or do they have different plans all-together.
And what about appearance and looks! Are they always misleading? Can these 4 innocent looking young boys be dreadful terrorists who would be involved in one of the biggest terror conspiracy? Shakal Pe Mat Ja... is a film that deals with all such misleading goof ups, erroneous identities & madness created due to being there at the wrong place at the wrong time. Guiltless looking maniacs, unpaid terror groups, and Security forces who are never on time is what you can watch in the movie ----- Shakal Pe Mat Ja!


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