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Shikari Plot

Govinda who flees from jail and escapes to Cape Town. There he murders a rich industrialist, Nirmal Pandey who is married to Tabu. He romances Nirmal Pandey's younger sister, Karisma Kapoor making her believe that he is helping her and the police in nabbing the killer. While escaping from the police, Govinda also kills a girl who had learnt about his true identity. His third victim is an inspector played by Kiran Kumar who had come to Cape Town in search of Govinda. When Karisma discovers the truth, Govind even tries to kill her but she escapes. The true motive behind the killigs by Govinda is revealed after these killings. Govinda was in love with Tabu while he was studying engineering is college, but she gets married to Nirmal Pandey. Nirmal Pandey frames Govinda's father, a priest for a robbery that he did not commit.Govinda comes to Cape Town to take revenge and get back Tabu.


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