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Shor In The City Plot

If you are unable to hear it, you are without any reason a dead person!
This is the fundamental idea that runs through the season's most eagerly awaited comedy, which rotates around 3 interconnected stories in the middle of the clamor and filth of the Mumbai city.Abhay (Sendhil Ramamurthy – Heroes, Covert Affairs) who is an NRI) is compelled to come to terms with being unaccompanied in an hostile city, which according to his imagination was home.

Existing in a relaxed shield, he within no time comes to know that he might not be dissimilar from the thousands that grind around the busy city.  He finds safe haven in the charming Sharmili (Preeti Desai who is a former Miss England.) Tilak (Tusshar), a bootlegger with a sense of right and wrong, pulls insignificant scams with his daring and untroubled buddies, Ramesh (Nikhil Dwivedi) and Mandook (Pitobash Tripathi). One day they chance upon uncommon loot on a local train, which unlocks some novel and hazardously exciting streets for them.

Tilak, by the way, is also carrying the task of his new bride, Sapna (Radhika Apte) while taking off on his newest adventure ride to have a 'blast'.  Young Sawan (Sundeep Kishan) dreams of manufacturing it to the Junior Cricket team. In a metropolis where bribery is a way of life, his daydream comes at a fee. 
In the congested urban scenery, lines separating the right from the wrong are indistinct, as the call for to stay alive and succeed takes priority. 

The serio-comic take on the confusion of the metropolis makes one understand that like its residents, each town runs on its own ad-hoc system.  From the maker of Love Sex Aur Dhokha, comes an jittery, trippy, and unabashedly enjoyable movie, which received a stirring response in New York, Pusan, and Dubai. Not-to-be-missed!


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