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Shortcut Romeo Plot

Sooraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a young boy living in Goa along with his parents and siblings. He is an urchin and good for nothing boy who dominates his family members due to his troubled childhood. Sooraj believes that 'honesty is not a good policy' and always searches for shortcuts to earn money and success. One day, he accidentally injures his younger brother in a rage. Tired of Sooraj's attitude, his mother calls his uncle who is a police official in Mumbai. His uncle asks him to shift to Mumbai and Sooraj does so. There, he notices a rich lady named Monica (Amisha Patel) having fun with her partner Ashish (Jatin Grewal) in a golf club. He finds out that Monica is an unfaithful wife of a saintly business tycoon named Rahul (Rajesh Shringarpure) and she is heading sexless life with her husband. She has indulged in an extramarital affair with Rahul's friend Ashish. One night, Sooraj catches Monica and Ashish while making it out in the golf lawn. He tapes the video of their act and then nuisances them to make it public.

Scared by Sooraj's threat, Monica offers Sooraj a deal but he opts for another option. He wants Monica to become an ATM for him as he wants to live a rich man's lavish life. Monica agrees to do so. But Ashish sends some goons to kill Sooraj, but Sooraj foils his plan. In a rage, he orders a foreign trip to Monica and she arranges a Keya safari trip for Sooraj and his friends. All of them go to Kenya and enjoy the life to the fullest. Sooraj meets a beautiful girl over there named Sherry (Puja Gupta) and falls in love with her. Here, Monica corners Sooraj in a thorny situation but Sooraj again comes with the flying colors. She again kidnaps Sherry and asks Sooraj to fly down to India and get Sherry rescued after returning the tape to her. Sooraj does so but finds out that Sherry is not the real name of his lady love but she is Radhika and was sent by Monica to woo Sooraj. Frustrated by this, Sooraj applies his plan B and again warns Ashish and Monica to show the video clipping to their respective partners. The game of cat and mouse continues between Sooraj, Ashish and Monica until Rahul finds something fishy about his wife. He asks his detective friend (Susi Ganesan) to find out the truth which shatters his life and his beliefs about his friend and his wife.


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