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Shree Plot

Shree is an ordinary man who works at a telecom company. He is deeply in love with his lady love but can't marry her as he needs money to take the extra responsibility.

Randhawa is a wealthy businessman who in his constant pursuit of power. He chooses Shree as his latest guinea pig to perform an experiment. Shree turns out to be the last piece of the puzzle in their scientific experiment which is formulated by a brilliant scientist. The experiment is supported by the commissioner of police and funded by Randhawa.

If the experiment gets successful, it would change the fate of their lives and the world outside as well. Shree tempts to the promise of quick money plus bright, successful future and agrees to pay the stake of 12 hours of his life. Randhawa offers him 20 lakhs to participate in an experiment. As soon as the countdown begins, Shree realizes that his simple life has been turned upside down. He is accused to murder the scientist, the commissioner and others. The simple , unrecognized guy suddenly becomes the most wanted man in the city.

Now Shree has to use his intelligence and power to prove himself innocent and save others from trouble. Will Shree be able to do this?


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