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Soch Plot

Raj Mathew (Sanjay Kapoor) has a problem in his life. By profession a film star, he loves his wife, but she is acutely suspicious of him. His marriage is on the rocks. Madhulika (Aditi Gowatrikar), his wife has a problem - she loves Raj but cannot contol the insecurity of losing him to another woman. Her love is self destructive. Preity Sardesai (Raveena Tandon) a choreographer turned director has a problem of being labeled the other women, whereas it is not so. Though she is in love with Raj, she keeps her distance and knows that what cannot be must not be. When Om (Arbaaz Khan) enters the lives of these people, he comes not only with his problem - but also a solution - Murder. And a murder is committed. SOCH then becomes a thriller which will not keep you at the edge of your seats, instead, it will push you further into it and make you think - why. Why does a man have to kill. Is it hate or is it really an extreme form of love - the extreme desire to be loved that makes him or her a murderer. The answer lies in SOCH, after all it's a thought which kills


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