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Sona Spa Plot

Today the world is full of glamour, fame and money. People have tight working schedules. They don't get the time for sound sleep. What if anybody sleeps for you? It will save you much time right? At Sona Spa, you can buy your sleep. There are workers who will sleep for you and you will feel relaxed and fresh at any point of the time, day or night.

At Sona Spa, girls sleep for sleep deprived people. They are known as sleep workers. Once, the link between the client and the sleep worker is build, the client will go on with his busy schedule and the sleep worker will sleep for him. When the sleep worker sleeps, the client feels relaxed and refreshed but these sleep workers now get access to the clients' dreams. In dreams, people commit various crimes and the sleep workers are eye witness of that. Baba Dayanand (Naseeruddin Shah) who runs the Sona Spa says that if not in dreams, people will start committing crimes in their real lives. According to him, good sleeps tends to good thinking and it results finally in living a good life.

Sona spa is a mysterious compelling and funny tale of sleep which is told through 2 sleep worker girls named Rucha(Shruti Vyas) and Ritu (Aahana Kumrah) . Rucha is a billionaire from Mumbai and Ritu is from a middle class family of Pune. Rucha wants to sleep for her sleep deprived billionaire father and Ritu wants to sleep for her traumatized sister.

Eventually,Rucha and Ritu start sleeping for their clients and watch their dreams live. Rucha's client is Choksi , a rich man and Ritu's client is a cop disguised as a head of a company. The cop wants to investigate the authenticity of Sona Spa. The problem occurs when these sleep workers hold back their clients' dreams. The sleepworkers' dreams materialize in their clients' subconscious minds. Some secrets get unlocked and they scratch the weird plans of the human mind. The film is based on a Hindi Play and is directed by Makarand Deshpande.

The film asks few questions like

Is honesty really the best policy?

At which limit you can trust a person and reveal all your secrets?

How much knowledge of others' lives in enough for a person?


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