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Soundtrack Plot

If Beethoven would have been alive today, he would have been D Jockey and this film could have been the story of him!Rajeev Khandelwal, twenty six years old, from small city in India, arrives to Maximum Metro Mumbai, with him as luggage just 3 things such as a music instrument-guitar, a pair of ear phones and  above all- a dream! An ambition!

With the aid of his father's friend, who is no more, and the role is played by Yatin Karekar, Rajeev gets a work at "Tango Charlie"- the city's largely rocking night club. The owner of the club is Mohan Kapoor who assures him and makes him the most essential DJ in the city based on his extraordinary ability. Saturday nights now contain a complete new significance. Rajeev's world is now one large drink all you could, party all you could to the toughest, with the sexiest girl at the nightclub- Mrinalini Sharma.  Rajiv lives in his dream- a showy lifestyle, a group of friends as near as family, and the coolest D Jockey in the city. It is of course his life, his friends – and above all HIS MIX.

He is, however made for greater stuff-Rajiv is not going to reconcile for being just a D Jockey. Rajeev's ambition is to become a music director for main stream Indian films. Renowned film producer Anurag Kashyap provides him an opportunity to compose music in his approaching film and he gives it his most excellent work.But life has different story for him in real life, and it does transact him an unplayable hand. Tinnitus coupled with an extreme coverage to loud sound takes away - his power of listening. So when he becomes deaf, his dreams and ambitions are devastated- and he ends up departing into an extremely dark and lonesome place. In his miserable condition and fighting inner devils he confronts his anti theory Soha Ali Khan, a good-looking free of charge spirited, bohemian, speech therapist for whom life is wealth, and every second is worth living to the maximum. 

Rajeev and Soha come jointly with only one common string- both of them can not hear any word.Soha teaches Rajeev to get started with his message and assists him pick the pieces in his life.  The piece of information that he can not hear music or any other songs still pinches into his soul.  In his new established love for life, he chances upon a kathak presentation, which makes him, experience the vibrations of music. His system gradually but certainly begins to do what no other musician could do. He now begins to sense the music but yet can not listen. It sets off a complete sequence reaction to his life, and at present, he experiences music all over the place.

Would Rajeev, at present get his opportunity to get people to listen what he has for them, and create his masterpiece?

Soundtrack is based on a real story.


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