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Speedy Singhs Plot

Breakaway is a cross cultural family fun film titled as Speedy Singh which is set in the Indo-Canadian neighbourhood in suburban Toronto, Canada.
This movie is set in suburban Toronto, and the movie tracks a young man who has been found struggling between conventional Indo-Canadian family expectations and his imaginings of hockey recognition.
The film revolves around the protagonist RAJVEER SINGH who is a twenty one year old young man. He dreams of a skilled hockey profession. The film starts with him who is seen dreaming of scoring a game and who is winning goal. He is soon followed by a moment of ecstasy as beautiful and gorgeous girls surround him as his fans. Indisputably, he has the capacity to become a skilled hockey player, but he has to face and tackle various obstacles and hurdles and one of them is he himself!
Rajveer was brought up and raised as a customary Sikh. He was prohibited as a boy to cut his hair and he had to wear a turban as Sikhs wear as a tradition, and this blocked him from playing hockey which was his favourite game and he wanted to make a career in it. When he was in his teen years and when he was forsaking the religious traditions and beliefs of his family, he not only removed his turban but he also got his hair cut so that people around the country could accept him. His aim was to become successful in a customary white man's sport, but this became the cause of conflict with the wish of his father that he would dedicate his life to his religion and the business of his family.
When Rajveer is not able to get a foothold in the game, he takes the matters into his own hands and eventually he creates an all Indian hockey team (The Speedy Singhs). Not only this, but he also finds a coach and then brings on the trucking company of his Uncle Sammy as the team sponsor. By doing all this at the back is the back of his father. Towards the way to the championship sport, he had to face with the queries he had not wished to address: family, friendship, loyalty and identity. And till the time he could answer such questions, the podium would always be out to his reach.
Breakaway is filled with love and color and also fun, which try to  bring to the life the coming of age of a man who is young and gives further within reach into the immigrant family understanding. It brings a conflict of  Bollywood entertainment to Canada's favourite game.


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