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Stand By Plot

The upcoming movie 'STAND BY' is directed by 'Sanjay Surkar' and produced by 'Prakash Choube'. The movie is not only represents the story of two friends but it also narrates the story how the businessman rules in Indian games Football. In the movie the role played by two friends is Rahul Narvekar and Shekhar Sharma who are football players from Maharashtra and both have a common craze of football but completely belong to different family backgrounds. Both the friends have same wish to symbolize India one day on international stage. To fulfill this dream they got a golden opportunity, when Maharashtra wins the prestigious 'Santosh Trophy' after than a decade.In this movie Rahul belongs to poor family a hardworking football player who plays as a striker for Maharashtra team, his only aim is to earn fame through talent Whereas, His friend Shekhar belongs to a rich family and also a football player.

Shekhar is the son of big industrialist JP Verma and his father believes that everything can be deal with money. After a certain period of time   Shekhar's Father JP Verma knows the dream of his son is to select in the Indian football team. The selection of his son can be possible with the help of Shrivastav, The chairman of selection committee who is under the control of JP Verma. Due to this the federation president elects his son as a 'Stand by' by eliminating one of the four players / attackers originally selected.Now-a- days in India politicians not only play politics in government jobs but also play cheap politics in sports as a result they spoiled the Indian Game and also not allowed to a well-known sport football to expand further. Due to this reason new sports persons are not getting a chance to perform and prove themselves as good players No doubt, this story is narrated on two friends whose only craze is football and how their lives change as the beautiful game turns unpleasant and the destiny of footballers is no longer decided on the ground.

The most beautiful game football which is famous world over and the same has a miserable story to tell in our country. Now it has been spoiled, dishonored and made ugly by a few persons for their own profit and condescending egos. Consequently, it leads to the destruction of the sports, sportsmanship and the lives of sportsmen. 'Stand by' has put a debatable point that football is not just a sport; it's a passion of player to play and give respect for the country. So play it with pride & honor instead of playing politic in sports.


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