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Stanley Ka Dabba Plot

Visualize this boy in your mind's eye. Suppose this boy arrives in school much before any other students so that he could drum away his blues on vacant benches. He just drinks water to satiate his hunger instead of the healthy foods that his classmates savor during the lunch time. He covers up for his lack of societal grade with the flair of the most seasoned ambassador. The curiosity arises: who could be this boy? What does he look like? Why is he behaving in this strange manner? You would surely like to know more about him? Meet Stanley, the central character of the much awaited 'Stanley Ka Dabba 

'Stanley Ka Dabba' is the newest contribution from the perceptive writer-director, Amole Gupte that throws light on the daily life of a school going child. The personality, Stanley, pulls at your heartstrings with his unconquerable spirit, while throwing off the antagonistic world he has been surrounded by at all times and at all places. The movie discloses how this is child-soldier, rises above his pungent actual life condition on the way setting a pattern for all whiners to learn from, even imitate.

Similar to most others his type, Stanley adores to be in the middle of his friends and triumph, the admiration of his peers and classmates. He uses his luminous humor and blameless knowledge to amaze everyone he touches. At times; spinning-a-yarn in the midst of friends; about his mother's escape, while on instance conjuring some sincere poetry to amaze the lovely English teacher, Rosy Miss (Divya Dutta). There are though teachers similar to the strong Science Madam, Ms Iyer (Divya Jagdale) whose inflexible attitude suffocates Stanley's pioneering science research with all the disdain at her disposal. Then there is the greedy Hindi master, Verma Sir (Amole Gupte) who comes out as the means in helping the boys bond for Stanley's self-respect and equitable position in the school. 

The friendship between the students comes to the forefront when they spoil Verma Sir's frantic attempts to shine off their dabbas with all the astuteness at their disposal. The gang makes the 'invincible' Verma show his factual susceptible self for once as he marches from one probable hiding place to another in the school premises trying to spree upon their home made food. 
Stanley, the small central character of Amole Gupte's, newest movie 'Stanley Ka Dabba' shows how, like the well-known lotus, can one raise above all the dirt around and make the world a improved, beautiful place to survive in. 

The technique he goes about bringing applaud to his classmates and his small friends is what makes him the Stanley we all require to be in today's day and age. Intelligent and responsive, affectionate and naughty: living each second as if there is no tomorrow.


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