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Sur Plot

SUR is the story of a lone, middle-aged musical genius and one of India's most sensational voices who runs, as his passion, the country's biggest and most sought after music school. Recognized as a place where any individual with the potential to sing and create music is supported and encouraged to realize their musical dreams. He lives there, amidst his passion…..music, his students, his friends, his loneliness. And his need. For Vikramaditya's greatest need in life is to find his successor. Someone who has the talent, passion, need and drive to be him. And better. In a little village in the heart of mainland Goa, in a church by the sea, he stumbles across a young girl with the voice of an angel. Tina Marie. Vikramaditya is ecstatic as he realizes that he has finally found the person his dreams were made of. And he sets upon wooing her to return with him, to his school, to train with him and master every musical note that ever was created. Lending his name to the cast of SUR, is Lucky Ali. In his first cinematic performance ever. As the quintessential musical maestro, Vikramaditya Singh. A genius, whose passion for music overrides his passion for life. He is supported by Gauri Karnik. Young, fresh, beautiful, with the voice of an angel, she plays Tina Marie. Vikramaditya's only hope for an heir. Add to the cast, Simone Singh as Vikramaditya's closest friend who is secretly in love with him, Achint Kaur as the creative head of Vikramaditya's record label and Divya Dutta in a special appearance as Tina's older sister and driving force and what you have is a film powered by explosive performances, great music, emotional tenderness and a passionate behind-the-scenes team.


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