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Swaha Plot

SWAHA is a low budget film based on the eradication of superstition in our country. Preveen Bhardwaj, the filmmaker of this film wants to expose the misdeeds of some fake babas in our country.  He will tell people through his film that such babas are cheaters in the disguise of God's messenger (doot).

99 % people in our country are superstitious and believe such babas and saints words with blind eyes. These innocent people consider the orders of such saints, equal to the order of god. Hence they do whatever they are told to do.

We have seen many films in the past exposing the alleged saints. But hardly anytime any filmmaker admitted that his film was based on real life of someone. But filmmaker of SWAHA openly admits that his film has been made to expose evil saints. The truth can be found out only after the release of the film.

SWAHA is a story about a man/saint Shree Asanandji Gurudev, whom people consider as the messenger of God. They believe his words blindly and get ready to obey his orders.

This saint has established many ashrams all over the country in the name of Shree Asanandji itself. His has millions of followers from all corners of the country. His followers are not only common people but renowned actors, film stars, ministers, politician, industrialists, builders etc. This saint has engraved in their minds that whatever they have got are due to the saints blessing.

Jayant Oberoi is a businessman who follows Shree Asanandji's instruction blindly. He even forces his family members to do according to that. Everyone in Oberoi family follow Shree Asanandji's instructions; either happily or reluctantly but Oberoi's son Raj doesn't have faith in all these. He doesn't like Shree Asanandji's instructions and eventually doesn't follow them.

The story takes a turn when Oberoi purchases a bungalow and gives the credit to Shree Asanandji, that due to his blessings he could purchase that bungalow. Oberoi thinks that if Shree Asanandji would visit his bungalow, his status would be raised high in the society and others would get impressed. So he invites his Gurdev to visit his bungalow.

But after Shree Asanandji's visit, strange incidents keep taking place, reasons unknown to all except Shree Asanandji. Oberoi seeks his help as solution. What kind of problems they are facing? Does Asanandji find solutions to their problems? What would Raj do? Is he going to believe Shree Asanandji?

There is thrill and suspense and when the secret is revealed; some characters over there would really get shocked.

This film is being produced under the banner Bluesky Entertainment and its director is Manoj Sharma. Its lyricist as well as music director is Praveen Bhardwaj. Some of its casts are Rikee, Svitlana, Ishrat Ali, Sushil Parashar, Shekhar Shukla, Tarun Shukla, Rajesh Vivek, Jiten Mukhi etc.

This film is set to release on 12th March 2010.


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