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Tamasha Plot

The narration of the story is not linear. The film narrates the tale of a fun loving boy Ved (Ranbir Kapoor), who is passionate for stories. All his childhood is spent in imaginations and living in the fantasy world. But, as he grows up, he is made aware that the real world is very different from his fantasy land. The story then takes us to Corsica, a gorgeous island in France, where our two protagonists meet for the first time. Ved meets Tara (Deepika Padukone) in an uncertain circumstance but, instead of knowing each other well, the duo decides to hide their original identity and, introduce themselves as Don and Mona Darling. They both enjoy their heart out and have the best time together. Four Years later, after having realised her love for Ved, Tara is still obsessing him. She then meets him in Delhi, and they start dating. Only after spending a considerable amount of time together, Tara realises that, this is not the person with whom she has fallen in love with. Considering this Tara rejects Ved's marriage proposal! Will the love birds reunite?


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