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Tapasya Plot

Indu was the eldest daughter of Prof. Chandranath and was studying in the Post-graduate class. Like any eligible girl, she dreamt of completing her study and marrying the doctor she loved. But the death of her mother and the illness of her father changed Indu's life. She had to not only look after her younger brother and two sisters but to look after her ailing father as well. And though the father himself was keen that she should marry her doctor-lover, a match even the doctor's widowed mother approved, his sudden death came in the way of their union. After her father's death, Indu had to shoulder the responsibility of the entire family. The doctor offered her a solution. He was more than ready to take the responsibility of the entire family. But after thinking over deeply she decided otherwise. She thought it was her own duty and responsibility to look after the brother and sisters; So she decided to give up her studies, start a kindergarten school in her own house, and stop thinking of her own future till her brother and sisters could face life on their own. Her brother and sisters adored her, when they became grown-ups they too underwent a change! When her brother got a job and married his boss's daughter, all her problems should have been over and she should have become free to marry the doctor. But the brother let her down badly as he left their house to become a `ghar-jamai' and her "Tapasya" continued.


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