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Taqdeer Plot

Gopal (Bharat Bhooshan) is a poor music-teacher of Goa, who earned his livelihood by teaching music to the children of his village. Though they were poor Gopal and his wife Sharda (Shalini) and their three lovely children, faced life with integrity. One day Gopal leaves home to better his prospects by taking employment on board a ship. But, soon after his departure, news comes that the ship has been wrecked, and that he is reported missing. Sharda tries her best to stem the onrushing tide of poverty but cannot, and soon her children are on the verge of starvation. Trapped in her storms of agony and tortures, Sharda finally takes a brave decision -- and accepts Vijay Babu's offer to marry him. Several years pass, and we find on the shores of Africa a bearded Gopal bereft of memory. But one day he hears a familiar melody, a composition of his own, sung by one of his former pupils. Memory flashed back to him, and he returns to his native place in Goa. Here, shock upon shock awaits him. He finds his home broken down and deserted. Then he ears of his wife's remarriage to Vijay Babu and finds his children grownup, rich and happy. Gopal decides not to re-enter their lives but to eke out his quite and lonely existence all alone. But the wheel of Fate turns once again. One day, the old man saves Geeta(his daughter) from a ruffian. One thing leads to another, and soon, Sharada, comes to know that the strange friend of her youngest daughter's is none other than her own husband!


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