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Teen Patti Plot

Wow! Magic, what more can you expect from a film which has two of the best actors ever on screen to come together for the first time. The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan will be seen sharing screen with Academy Award Winner Ben Kingsley, the man who played the protagonist in the movie Gandhi in the movie, Teen Patti. The story is a mixture of dishonesty, fraud, greed and money which when comes together changes the game and lets the game play you. The movie set in India & England, is expected to be class apart with its unique narrative and the style of film making.

Perci Trachtenberg played by Ben Kingsley is a character of a world renowned mathematician, who happens to meet Venkat ( Amitabh Bachchan), who is a lonely mathematician from India, in a casino in London. Venkat tells Perci about an equation which will change the whole mathematics forever and also has a deep connection to Venkat which he is unable to forget as it has left a feeling of guilt in him.

This equation meant that Venkat had found a thing that could change the rules of possibility and randomness. But as every coin has two sides, this equation was good and also had some things which were for and also against it. When Venkat's ambitious assistant comes to know about it, he (Shantanu , played by Madhavan) asks Venkat, to test the equation in the real world. Venkat doesn't run after money that he can easily gain by cracking the game of Teen Patti by using the equation. But later on he's pushed into to the game by Shantanu. Along with some college students who want to make they search for gambling addas of Bombay. The spectacular scenes manage to keep the movie fast and smooth which keeps you on your toes for the whole movie.

This game started by the Indian mathematician and the old mathematician later on turns into a disaster and goes out of control. As they keep going deep into the life of greed and deception they forget their way out of it. The film which is very fast paced and trendy changes the life of the youngsters and open their life apart, with everyone showcasing the negative grey shade in them. Suddenly a tragedy occurs which is followed by investigation and makes the life of Venkat and Shantanu, miserable.

The story now shift to a casino in U.K. Pecri realizes that the discovery by Venkat is path breaking and is a success that can possibly change the rules of Mathematics. He realizes that that Venkat is chalenging the the theory of what is random and what is destined. The thought comes to an end of what knowledge has power to do when Perci tries and makes a final attempt to get out of this story. But what follows is only the question, whether it is worth risking your life for it. Find it out the answer in Teen Patti .


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