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Tension Doooor Plot

Gopal is a villager who is simple and innocent and he is on his way to the city. But in the way some misfortune hits him. Due to this problem he looses his hearing power which is a great loss to him. Despite many efforts to treat his problem no medicines or treatment can cure his deafness or recover his hearing problem. Thereafter, on a fine day Gopal realizes that now he can not only hear once again but he could also be able to read the minds of other people and thus he could know what other people were thinking.

After achieving this supremacy innocently he begins exposing the bad elements of his village and as a result of that villains become his enemies. Eventually, people whom Gopal had exposed become his enemies and go against him and want to teach him a lesson. For this they hatch a plan to kick Gopal out of that village. Thus Gopal reaches to the city leaving behind his parents and his family.

In the city he strikes a pick - pocket who suggests him to utilize his power in solving the problems of others so that he could free others from their tensions by reading their minds and make them tension free i.e. TENSION DOOR.
This leads them to open a shop by the name of "TENSION DOOOOR.COM". There they start solving the problems of other people who want to be tension free. In due course they earn huge amount of money due to this business. In the mean time in his village the villagers feel the truth about Gopal rand they realize that they were wrong and had done wrong to him and eventually they repent for it. The beloved of Gopal named Bijli goes to the city trying to search him along with his parents. On the other hand, in the city, while Gopal is trying to solve a case of one of his clients, some villains strap him because they want to use his unique power to get the secret of defence system to harm the country and to empower the enemies of India.
While these events are occurring, Gopal comes across another girl whose name is Ruby. She traps him in order to rescue her boy friend Rahul because he was in the hands of the villains. How Gopal at last escapes from the clutches of the villains and how he at the end of the day looses his power of reading the mind of people forms the core of the story.


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