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Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa Plot

Pooja (Kirti Reddy) keeps dreaming about a bright and talented junior creative director, working in an Ad Agency which is owned by Mr Oberoi. She's frustrated because her seniors keep pinching her best ideas and take all the credit themselves. Pooja is waiting for the big break where she can direct a video all by herself and prove her mettle.A friend's wedding takes her to Agra and here she meets Kabir, a local videographer. Kabir is a simple lad, beloved of the whole city. He has no parents and not much money, but he's the most willing and helpful guy around. Seeing the beautiful and sophisticated Pooja, Kabir is totally bewitched and keeps photographing her. In the midst of the wedding festivities, Pooja too unwittingly encourages him. And innocent Kabir, unused to big city ways, is convinced that Pooja loves him as much as he loves her. He gives her the bundle of photographs that he's clicked of her in various poses, including one where in sheer fun the two of them are exchanging garlands. Meanwhile, Pooja rushes back to resume work. And when Kabir musters up his courage to propose to her, he realises that she's already left Agra. Pooja is in big trouble in office because she's late. Her boss, Mr Oberoi is furious and wants to fire her, when her friend Maggi, suddenly sees the photographs shot in Agra. He picks the one where she is exchanging garlands with Kabir and tells Mr Oberoi that that the reason Pooja was late was because she had got engaged in Agra! Pooja is horrified at the lie, but the boss is pleased and excuses her immediately. And then Pooja meets Raj, Mr Oberoi's suave and handsome son and falls for him. He's everything she's ever dreamed of and he seems to like her too. But there's one big problem, everyone in Pooja's office, including Raj and his father believe that Pooja is already engaged and to be married soon. Maggi and Pooja hatch another plot. They decide to make up a story of what a rotten guy Pooja's fiancee has turned out to be, so that she can safely break of her engagement and be free to marry Raj. But they don't know that Kabir, hopelessly in love and dying to be with his Pooja, has left Agra and is already on his way to meet he.


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