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Tere Mere Phere Plot

The story of the film Tere Mere Phere (also known as) TMP is about a couple who have just got married. They are Rahul and Pooja. They have an ideal love affair and their marriage is also perfect and eventually they go out on an ideal dream of spending honeymoon in a motor home driving from side to side the breath taking Himalayas… but the question pops that could life ever be perfect?!

This film is a series of adventures which can be rightly called as  misadventures and thereafter follows some fights and almost immediately both of them get mixed up with a local Himachali small town person who is none other Vinay Pathak and his girlfriend Muskaan, who is also known as the "Pahadi Mirch" (played by Riya Sen).

So how the lives of the newly married couples get tangled is the story of this fanatical funny movie.


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