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The Coal Mafiaa Plot

The Coal Mafiaa –The Return of the Angry Young Man is the story of the movie in which the rise of a simple young man, in opposition to the unfair mafias, has been shown. These mafias have been frightening the citizens of Jharia, Dhanbad, and Jharkhand. The coal thugs are Zabbar Khan (Yashpal Sharma) and Rajdev Singh (Mukesh Tiwari). They have managed to build up a strong grip in the district and make the most of its residents. No one dares to lift up their voices against the continuing injustice due to the terror of being tortured and subjected to unnecessary problems.

S.P. Sinha (Mukesh Khanna) is a fearless, an honest, and a courageous police official. He takes up the scary job to put an end to the rule of mafia in that region. S.P. Sinha fights tooth and nail with the dishonest officers and the mafias but in a hidden twist of event he gets shot from the people of the coal mafias. However, Shiva (Ankit Nigotiya), who is an educated and young boy from Jharia, handles to save the the life of S.P Sinha, in time.

The father of Shiva is (Avtar Gill) who had been handicapped as the consequence of an explosion which was carried out by the coal mafias many years ago. Thus Shiva was before now astringent against the coal mafias. After saving the life of S.P Sinha, he determines to join the police with the purpose to put the coal mafias, Zabbar Khan and Rajdev Singh into the jail and give them severe punishment. On his mission of fighting with the coal mafias and punishing them, Shiva is also helped by S.P.Rathore (Durjan Singh).

Now the question arises--would the ordinary and simple village boy Shiva manage to get success in his mission or would the mafias overshadow him and carry on their terror?


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