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The Forest Plot

Every year more than 150 people get killed in tiger or leopard attacks in India due to the encroachment on the wilderness and mounting poaching. As a result, most of the animals become man-eaters. This movie is about a leopard who is wounded and who has been left with only choice for continued existence and that is to hunt humans and this story is also inspired by one such attack...

From a big city a couple are on holiday in the Indian jungle so that they could sort out a troubled marriage when they run into the wife's ex-lover. As husband and lover lock horns for the woman, prehistoric instincts hit upon voice in the backwoods and they become sightless to signs of a prowl presence. A leopard, who is starving, because he has been shot by some poachers and can not look for his normal prey. Distressed for a slaughter the leopard turns on the weakest animal in the jungle – and this could be none other than a man. In a night of fright, continued existence would depend on outsmarting an alarming huntsman of the wild, a perfect slaughterer who has become so used to, to hunting man that he has started to think like us...


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