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The Girl In Yellow Boots Plot

That Girl in Yellow Boots is a movie of thriller genre which keeps tracing the search of Ruth (Kalki Koechlin) for her daddy. Her father is a person about whom she hardly knew but she is unable to forget him. Extreme anxiety drives her to do a job in a parlour where massage is done and that also she does without having a permit. She is a girl who is torn between various schisms. Though Mumbai has turned into the alien; however it is a strange thing that it is familiar backdrop for the quest of Ruth.  That Girl in Yellow Boots struggles to discover her freedom and space even as she is sucked deeper into the complex politics of the underbelly of the city. A metro that feeds on her unhappiness, a love that gets away from her and above all, an upsetting truth which is bitter and she must need to face this bitter truth. And all of them want a piece of her. Would she get success in finding her father? What is the mystery of her father? Watch the film That Girl in Yellow Boots to know its answers.


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