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The Green Chic Plot

"The Green Chic …finding dad", rotates around Chiclet (Green Chic) and the family of Chiclet who are living happily in the forest. One day fate suddenly takes a turn and a misfortune happens and the mother of Chiclet's mother is murdered by a hunter. The father of Chiclet tries to save her but the hunter captivates him and takes him to Mumbai city. 
This tragic incident breaks the heart of Chiclet and after some time somehow he collects strength and takes the blessing of his Guru (Swan) and then takes an oath that he would rescue and set his father free from the claws of those who had made his father captivated. A monkey Ginger is his best friend Monkey) and another friend of him is Quacky (duck) who too join him to set his father free from the forest to the unknown city of Mumbai and all of them want to finish the task of finding his father and setting him free.
How would Chiclet and his friends find his father in such a big city of millions of population?  But not only they are there to rescue his father free but God too is there to help them by listening to their prayers. They meet a dog named as Tom Hunt (Bhai), and the dog takes on the responsibility of locating the father of Chiclet dad who has a incredible network of animals and a stylish surveillance system through which he takes the control the total animal world of Mumbai. Would Chiclet be capable and successful in finding his dad and would he fulfil his vow of saving his father?
Would Love for Life find position in the heart of each and every Human . . ? ?
This is a film where lovely animals are involved…


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