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The Little Godfather Plot

The little Godfather is the story of a very common man who tries to survive despite all factors being against him. The message of hope and determination is passed on to the productive masses of this nation.
The movie is basically about the crime, romance and slime existing in the local trains of Mumbai.
Shivaji, a train hawker is the main character of the movie. He was a pickpocket, but reformed his ways. He is now also a reliable informer of the local police and earned their trust. This fact was a pain in the eye of the pick pocketing group he was earlier in.
Life still went on as usual with the hawkers and other people (artists)trying to earn a living in the packed trains and the pickpocket group getting theirs the way they do when their victims were lost among the fragrance, colour, music and fun in their groups.
The efforts put in by Shivaji to protect the transformed juveniles who committed those minor crimes from the group made him their 'Little Godfather'.
Then there is Shakuntala, a beautiful college and a special commuter whom he likes. So, even though he is able to understand the pulse of this fast paced, life he can't get his mind and heart set on the future.
The problem begins when one of the boys whom Shivaji reforms, Ali, becomes a friend of a stranger by the name 'Feroz'. It is a matter of concern for Shivaji. He had some qualms about Feroz as he had heard rumors of Feroz being either a drug peddler or a contract killer who worked under the disguise of being a cloth merchant from out of this town. Being concerned about the boys he confronts Ali but instead end up in a huge argument in front of the other boys which causes a rift among the entire group.
With Shivaji being at his lowest the pickpocket group who were long scheming against him attacks him all of a sudden. Facing pressure from all sides – his friends, his life, his heart and enemies he feels like the weight of the entire world has fallen on his shoulders.
Then a very horrendous event occurs – the incident which was claimed to be the worst Terrorist Attack on the Indian Subcontinent – The blasts in Mumbai's local trains, Seven Bombs, which rips the city apart and leaves Shivaji and the whole city stunned.
The city panics and is a state of despair, utter chaos at every corner in the city but most of all on the tracks. The rubble, blood, bodies shown on the television screen via news channels everywhere and the number of causalities increasing with every passing minute.
Then Shivaji and Ali learn that there is one more bomb in another crowded train heading for Borivali Station is about to blast in some time and the city has yet to bear more.
The little Godfather along with his children set out on a mission once they learn that the person who is carrying the eighth bomb is none other than Feroz.
They have to save their homes, their fellow commuters and most of all the train- their mother- where they earn their living and every second being precious and pressure increasing with the ticking of the clock as the heart wrenching drama unfolds.
It portrays their bonding, sacrifices and determination which help them win and become true heroes to every Mumbaikar.


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