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The Murderer Plot

The Murderer is a musical thriller with a nail-biting finish. Mimoh Chakraborty (Rocky) has a full-fledged performance oriented role in the film. He plays a successful pop singer in Hotel Hamilton Palace. He is basically popular with girls; all wanting to befriend him. Monalisa (Neha) is his co-performer and is silently in love with Rocky. Unaware of her feelings, Rocky treats her as his best friend. There is one more girl, Simran(Mahima) is madly in love with him. But Rocky is in love with Madhu(Priyanka) and is a guest staying in the hotel. Neha is jealous of Rocky's love affair…. The love triangle heats up when Mahima spurned by Rocky, commits suicide. Rocky is filled with guilt due to this unfortunate incident. But before he could regain his composure, Rocky finds himself in a plethora of chaos and tries to prove his innocence…. There are fast paced action and complex developments and Rocky is trying to come out of this knotty situation…


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