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Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hain Plot

This is a story of a young boy, Arjun Singh (Nakul Kapur) from Jaisalmer who has dreams to become a singing star. Entire Jaisalmer is acquainted with his singing qualities and everybody wish for his dreams to come true. His talent is acknowledged by Naina (Aarti Chabria), who has come to Jaisalmer as tourist, and she coerces him to to try his luck in Mumbai. With the blessing of his family as his sole support he arrives in Mumbai, the city of dreams. It is then a story of this boy's journey to the top of the musical world. He survives the mean streets of mumbai with only his determination. He struggles for that one opportunity would make him a singing sensation. During his journey of accomplishment of his dreams he meets Naina and her family. He forms the family relationship with these people. It is love and support of these people which helps him to overcome all the obstacles. One day, Bobby (Kim Sharma) hears the voice of Arjun and is highly impressed by his voice .Bobby is the only daughter of a very rich business magnate. Bobby with all her efforts transform Arjun into a singing star. But in all efforts to make Arjun achieve his dreams both Naina and Bobby fell in love with him. Then what happens? Whom does Arjun love? How people makes sacrifice for him. How he makes sacrifices for them, is story of Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai


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