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Tutiya Dil Plot

Knees which are scrapped are easier to be fixed than hearts which are broken. All of us secretly desire that we would have been children once again... thus we see that people have dissimilar methods in which they can deal with the broken heart or hearts or when relationship ends, some people even move on before the start of the end and some say no to even admit or accept at the end. Also there are many people who believe in taking revenge. There are a few people lose control and forget who they are, as they begin generalizing detestation to a sex as in totality just because of a terrible experience with the reverse sex.

So in this film you get to see Rhea Kapoor, who is a good-looking, lively, level headed girl of modern tomes, and who alters her life after a bitter breakup. This strong, self-governing, confident, victorious lady becomes so uncertain about herself that she determines to see a shrink. The story of this film goes on revealing as she narrates her story to the shrink, expecting that he would provide her some solutions to her all troubles. Rhea Kapoor tells the shrink that how from a career-oriented lady she changed into a sixteen year old girl, who had fallen madly in love after she met her new boss, Karan Oberoi and from day one she hit it off. Rhea Kapoor had to encounter a unexpected storm when abruptly Karan dumps her and she is left brokenhearted and homeless.

There are only 2 persons who stand by Rhea when she is in distress. The first one is Anu who happens to be her best friend and who is a typical feminist. Anu is also the partner of Rhea in crime on many occasions and she is a person who keeps getting in and out of relationships and the major reason being that she always looks for some kind of emotional support in a man. Another person who is helping her is Vishal who is her colleague and her senior at office, and who is a real womanizer in every sense. Vishal comes across as a casual care free person but bottomless inside he is very emotional and he assists Rhea in overcoming her breakup. Thus we see that both of them share an exclusive bond and it is very difficult to put a tag on it but their chemistry is "un-deniable".

Tutiya Dil is thus is a film full of romance and comedy in which a love story goes wrong, goes right, then a little wrong and as a final point right again. It is right because the characters are human and relevant. It is wrong because the characters are mad. It is right again because it has got a racy screenplay, talented and a zealous team. It is wrong because the hero does not find his love, the heroine finds her love. That is right! It is a story of the youth of today. It is a heartbreaking comedy of 'HEART BREAKS'.


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