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Vadh Plot

Arjun Singh (Nana Patekar), is a psychiatrist by profession and his brother Vijay (Nakul) is a police officer. One night a crazy serial killer who has already killed six people escapes from prison and kills three warden boys. This makes the whole city live in fear, where everyone begins asking the question 'Who's next?'. As expected, another murder takes place next morning. The victim is Dr Arjun's best friend's girl friend. The friend, Aaryan (Puru Rajkumar) is very wealthy and lives his life as he desires. His life style and his attitude convince Vijay Singh that Aaryan is the killer who is in fact taking advantage of the serial killer's escape to cover up his crime. Now after a few days Aaryan's second girlfriend is killed. There are indications now that Dr Arjun's family including his wife Jyoti (Anupama Varma) is now under threat from the serial killer. While Dr Arjun Singh and the police department are hot on the trial of the serial killer, Vijay Singh is doing his own bit to prove his hunch right.


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