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Virsa Plot

Virsa is the story of Nawaz Ali and Ranvir Singh Grewal and their relatives. Nawaz Ali comes from Lahore which is in Pakistan and Ranvir Singh Grewal comes from a rural community, from Kartarpur which is in Punjab, India. Both of them had shifted to Sydney about twenty years back, to find some suitable jobs for themselves. Both of them met each other there in Australia and they became very good friends. As time passed they started receiving rewards for their hard work in the form of money. Eventually Nawaz Ali started an Indian Restaurant there. His restaurant started doing well which gave him sufficient money to lead a contented life but he was not as successful as Ranvir.
Nawaz Ali was greatly beached in his way of life and principles and this assisted him to stay level headed and not get passed away by the comforts of existence in Australia. He, in no way, lost view of what was decently and ethically correct and stood by his Asian importance.
On the other side, Ranvir got affected by his achievement. He felt that he was superior to the rest of the Indians and Asians were not as successful as he. He found benefit in the entire things connected with the whitish folks- their way of life, their morals and customs, their manners and gesture- and looked down upon his Indian nurture and ideals. He had no extra use for principles and ethics. He became very aware of his wealth, position and name. The dissimilarity in viewpoint and deeds forced the two friends away from each other until they arrived at a point where Ranvir discontinued conversation with Nawaz. However, Nawaz still remains bothered for his friend and makes efforts to maintain their friendship.
As Virsa replies these and other queries, it makes a tough declaration about remaining right to one's ideals, customs and nurture even as we continually settle in and adjust to the humanity around us.


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