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West is West Plot

It's difficult to accept as true that it has been a decade since East is East. That tale of a family of south Asia who carved out individuality for themselves in 70s England struck a harmony wherever folks classify themselves between cultures – which these days is all over the place. In the heart-warming and over and over again very funny follow-up, unique screenwriter Ayub Khan-Din flips the script, taking this lively family from austere Salford rear to the hot dust of bucolic Pakistan. The much-loved Om Puri is in the lead role of a spirited cast in this coming-of-age tale concerning the to and fro among Britain and south Asia.

After humiliating his daddy's nation bumpkin background, the teenager Sajid (Aqib Khan) is compelled to escort his father on a month-long journey to Pakistan, where he is thought that he would learn the traditions of his family's life. Sajid has been on the receipt closing stages of incessant racist bullying in his Salford schoolyard and desires not anything to do with this isolated side of his ancestry. At the same time as, George (Puri) tries to discipline his defiant son, he has his own ghosts with which to compete; this journey is his 1st to Pakistan from the time when he abandoned his 1st wife and young family nearly 30 years ago. As Sajid meets and faces the challenges and magnificences of a totally foreign way of life, so too must George meet the inheritance of his past preferences.

Woven into these narratives is the older brother of Sajid Maneer (Emil Marwa), who has been staying in Pakistan for more than a year and is at the end of his tether to find a wife. Matchmaking demonstrates to be added difficulty rather than expected and, at the same time as Maneer is usually agreeable to Pakistani customs, he is taken with by the fashions of the West and is head over heels in love, strangely, with Nana Mouskouri's music. As Sajid turns out to be increasingly conscious of the charms of the opposed gender, he maintains his eyes unwrapped on Maneer's behalf and marks a young lady who, in opposition to all odds, might be the answer to the plea of his brother.

Director Andy De Emmony arrests the dynamism of young and old and the junction of east and west in this inspiring motion picture about a charming family in intermediary times.

Movie Preview

Manchester, Northern England, 1976. At the moment, to a great extent reduced, but yet claustrophobic and dysfunctional, Khan's family keeps on to struggling for continued existence. Sajid, the smallest of all Khans, is under serious physical attack equally from tyrannical insistence of his father on Pakistani customs, and from the violent bullies in the schoolyard. His daddy plans to send him off to Mrs. Khan No 1 and family in the Punjab, the daughters and wife he had deserted thirty years ago. The follow-on to East is East, West is West is the approaching of age tale of both fifteen-year-old Sajid and of his daddy, sixty-year-old George Khan.


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