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What The Fish Plot

Sudha Mishra (Dimple Kapadia) an old, but energetic, angry, skeptical and traditionally inclined woman is about to leave to meet her chef son in Papua New Guinea. However, before departing, she handles the responsibility of taking care of her house to her niece (Sheeba Shabnam) and her fiance Sumit (Sumit Suri). She instructs the duo about taking care of her pet fish Mishti and her money plant. However, our hero is not one of those who can handle responsibilities. Soon after throwing a party in his fiance's aunt's house, he is visited by his college friend with a request to hide his eloped girlfriend. As he can't have a no for an answer he has to oblige.

He passes on the instructions to his friend. On the other hand, the friend has to go to Madurai for a work related purpose, leaving his wife behind with his womanizer friend Ravi (Manu Rishi Chadha). After this point, things start taking an unexpected turn as the responsibility of the home is passed on to others which leads to string of incidents that may give a cardiac arrest to the aunty.

The whole turn of events sees the fish being replaced several times and the money plant getting badly damaged taking the story further.


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